INKTOBER 2017: How I found success through taking on the challenge!

Hey Guys, its Chris!

As of this posting, I am on day 15 of Inktober (Yay!!!). Which is the farthest have ever gotten doing this challenge. Years, past I would get up to day five or eight before quitting. I think its because I would get super excited, then I would fall behind then finally get bored then quit. 

So what made this year different? How did I find success through taking on this challenge. Here is what I found throughout the journey so far. 

I focus on improvement vs being a perfectionist.

I think when artist take on this challenge or any art piece (correct me if I am wrong down below in the comments) but they want to make it the best that it can be. Whether to sell it on their Redbubble store (shameless plug of my Redbubble store down below where I have all of my Inktober drawings of this year available for purchase.)

Click the image to visit my store! 

Click the image to visit my store! 


Just wanting people to really love their gain have them click on their redbubble store ( shameless plug again) in order to support their artistic that they can focus on working on their art full be able to created animated short films  or be hired at Disney to create concept art for their next animated feature film...*breathes in after long rant*

(Self projecting much Chris?)

In any case, I would think in the way that I needed to make the best piece ever. In reality, I needed to focus on self improvement as an artist. 

Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober, said it best when ask about working digitally. 

For myself I wanted to focus on bettering my inking skills since I have started creating my Molly's Follies web comic using color pencils and inks. While my drawing and coloring skills were pretty good, my inking skills were so-so. Thus wanting to improve on my inking skills in order to help improve my Molly's Follies web comic. Also focusing on inking without any colors or digital components made the challenge more challenging because I had to focus on making decent artwork with a medium I don't have a lot of experience with. Plus without the ability to erase inks or ctrl + Z the living crap out of each line, it was permanent and I had to  evolve my techniques in order to save a drawing. 

An opportunity to document my journey.

This was also the best time for me to document my journey through Inktober on my new DSLR camera and learn how to be comfortable in front of a camera. Cause I want to be able to make tutorial videos that don't feel stiff or looking nervous as all get out lol. Also not feeling self conscious about vlogging in public.

So each morning I would talk about my sketches as well as day before drawings. What things I have found throughout each drawing while also trying to be myself in front of a camera that is me rather than something that is scripted. 

*Side note: I had a weird fear of someone coming up to me and being like "VLOGGER VLOGGER WE GOT SOMEONE VLOGGING OVER HERE!!"  but I realize that nobody really cares what I am doing in public. 

Also I posted my journey through my Instagram and openly talked about what I liked about my drawings, what I hated about my drawings as well as issues that I have been having with using inks. Its has been a self help diary for when I look back on I can remember "Oh yeah I been through this before, I got this."

Building a routine through the chaos of life.

Bit extreme title but let me explain. I think we all have a want to just sit down and work on our art without interruption. What can we create if we have just time to focus on our art. Well that's fantasy, this is the reality.


It a challenge on it self let alone just trying to get 31 drawings for Inktober done. However its not possible. I found what worked for me was to get up early before work. Sketch out my idea for that day's theme. Go to work. Come home, chill for an hour or two and then work on inking before bed. 

While seems like a good routine, something always came up. I had to work late, the trains weren't running on time, the cat wanted to play, had to meet friends for dinner, etc etc. 

In the past, I would find myself a couple of days behind because life happenings and find myself overwhelmed with not being able to catch up. 

One thing I found that helped were to combined the days that I missed into one drawing. To which I found to be a better drawing than if I did these themes separately. 

Days 7, 8 & 9 themes were Seamtress Witch, Blood Witch and Lolita Witch

Days 7, 8 & 9 themes were Seamtress Witch, Blood Witch and Lolita Witch

Being a Creative student throughout the challenge. 

I think the overall thing I learned is that you have to be creative with the challenge. Make it fun for you while also figuring out ways to improve yourself. I learn that not every ink line has to be perfectly crisp, straight and good. Sometimes thinking of a ink pen as a pencil can really make your drawing look different and not stale. Keeping yourself in the mindset of that your learning and that your showing that your learning will help you in the long run. I been drawing for 29 years and I am still learning how to become a better artist. 

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Overall I have been loving all of my Inktober drawings and I feel that I am getting better with my inking skills. There are 16 more days of inktober left! Can't wait to see what I create next. 

If you want to follow the journey check out my Instagram @ChrisJaserArt

Until next post!!

Chris J